• 11 January, 2021
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Gtel Infinity 9

A suitable choice for every taste. The Gtel Infinity 9 display comes with a wide variety of customizable options. Just like your outfit, you can choose your own style. The Infinity 9 touch display is limitless in the purest form, unadulterated by borders or buttons. The all 6.5” water-drop display fit aesthetically within a narrow frame, making it easily portable. The vibrantly colorful screen is visually immersive, whether you are flicking through your photo albums, watching videos or playing games. No more should you shy away and only use your phone in private as the Infinity 9 is impeccable, sharp viewing with unbeatable clarity, and gives you an experience never to be forgotten. Ceramic body and unique colors that reflects our Gtel design philosophy. The precisely integrated ceramic craftsmanship gives you an unprecedented tactile feeling. It looks great, feels even better.

A suitable choice for every taste.

The lens and megapixels of competitor’s phones would be enough to amaze people, but the Infinity 9 aims way higher. The customized high megapixel camera allows you to record the most beautiful with little effort. Perfected algorithms and the all-new upgraded picture processing chip are a breakthrough for the Infinity 9. The Gtel Infinity 9’s triple-camera set up of 13+2+2MP are perfect for amazing shots. The triple-camera, which looks stunning when seen for the first time, gives the Infinity 9 enhanced image quality, richer detail, and an all-new blurring mode, so that each shot is a work of art.

From brighter looks to snappier downloads and greater security features, and smoother gaming, you can switch between apps with ease or watch your favorite media with 3GB RAM which brings your mobile journey right up to top speed. The beauty of the Infinity 9 is not just limited to the design, but also extends to the screen. The Infinity 9 offers a new music experience that goes with the mantra – less is more – as too many options can be a burden. Hence the music player function of the Infinity 9 display brings you the music experience that you truly love without any distractions from things around you. Ultra-high brightness levels and a wide color range guarantee an excellent viewing experience.

The Infinity 9 is housed with internal memory, a lot of it, as it is built with a minimum storage of 64GB expandable to 256GB which allows you to store your pictures, music and videos in thousands. This endows the Infinity 9 to provide a super smooth experience. Enjoy performance upgrade of speed improvement and power efficiency at its best, with an Android R software, which ensures flawless operation of the device. The Gtel phones have stood for beautiful, crafted design and excellent quality. The Gtel Infinity 9 is no different: it’s built to take on life as you know it – with durable and beautiful materials, great feel, and an ideal balance of performance and battery life. What’s best, the Gtel Infinity 9 was designed with our hallmark attention to detail. The form nestles perfectly in your hand.

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