Gtel has officially marked the calendar for Feb. 1 as the date it will launch its next big phone, all but confirmed to be called the X6 Plus with statements teasing a big focus on the battery size and lifespan as well as on the camera for a new kind of advantage in mobile photography by incorporating four cameras in the phone.

As the international smartphone camera arms race marches onward and after a year exactly after successfully launching the X5 that was sold out within weeks nationwide; Gtel claims it will engage interest by keeping ahead of the competition according to it’s Head of Marketing Mr Don Yambira. He further emphasized that the consumers had a phenomenal role in the advanced features that the mobile giant interwove in the X5 successor whose release is right on schedule.

“The valued feedback from our diverse client base aided in the design and structure of the X6 Plus making it a user friendly phone with the highest of quality. We concluded that we can longer ignore the need of a large battery in this age of power-hungry apps. The X6 Plus comes with what you can really call a reliable and powerful battery. Besides being clearer, slimmer and powerful the X6 has a 4010mAh battery with advanced power-saving technology powerful enough to guarantee you 2 days of continuous usage without recharge. This gives you more than enough power to browse the internet, chat on social networks and enjoy all your media files all day, every day,”

“The X6 Plus was created with the avid traveler in mind who doesn’t have consistent electrical source. Engineered to perfection, the Gtel X6 Plus is innovated with 2 front facing cameras custom made to ensure crisp photography. The 20 Megapixel front camera is tailored to capture as much detail as possible when it comes to selfie photography to produce the best natural looking selfies anytime, anywhere,

“The co-engineered 8-megapixel selfie camera is crafted to augment the 20+8 mega pixels main selfie cameras. It’s customized to ensure that you capture selfies of up to 120 degrees. Translated, this feature enables you to fit all your friends in one seamless shot! This gives you the pleasure of enjoying the best of group selfies, all at your fingertips with an 15+5 mega pixels Rear Camera,

“The X6 plus hosts an immaculate dual camera system on its rear end, hosting a 13 + 5 Mega-pixel back camera that redefines your photographic shots, to present that professional photographic touch.  The 13mega pixel camera stands in as the shot taker to give you the high definition clarity and resolution beyond comparison. The 5mega pixel camera acts as a focus angle, the gives you pause, focus and blur clear camera. This allows you to capture the most immaculate photos anywhere, anytime,” he said.

Other notable features on the device include a bigger and clearer view as well as an infinite screen with a wide display which is better the traditional 16.9 aspect ratio 1280*720P · X6 Plus 6.0 inch IPS HD+ display is aimed at infusing interface experience with more amazing visuals through a 18:9 full vision screen, 6.0 Inch IPS HD+ and super performance Android 7.0 nougart noted Mr Yambira.

“The Gtel X6 Plus is custom-engineered with power-saving technologies which are optimized to run all your applications more efficiently; to use less power whilst still delivering the performance speed you need. The Gtel X6 Plus boasts an expansive display, stretching from edge to edge to give you the most amount of screen within the least amount of space! Enjoy bigger, wider and clearer displays with the Gtel X6 Plus’s 6inch IPS HD+ display, which is guaranteed to infuse your interface experience with the most amazing visuals,

“The Gtel X6 Plus is bolstered with the latest Android 7.0 Nougat, engineered to ensure the seamless interplay between hardware and software, that allows your device to work much faster and economical. This ensures unjammed performance whilst multi-tasking, gaming or movie watching. The rear end of the Gtel X6 Plus is engineered with a rapid fingerprint chip scanner, tailored to ensure your device unlocks within 0.2s, to ensure that all your files are kept secure and readily accessible simply by the touch of your command,” he said.

Smartphones have come a long way ahead in the areas of advancement and technology. Back to the day from single core processors to dual & multi-core processors, from single SIM to dual SIM and now from single camera to dual cameras or dual lens camera smartphones.To date Gtel has launched 20 smart phones making the X6 Plus its flagship smartphone for 2018. Internationally the X6 Plus joins the likes of Huawei Mate 10 Pro, iPhone X and The Samsung A9 with similar camera specs and functions.